ATI currently has alliances with a number of suppliers whom we believe would greatly benefit this project.  Some of the equipment suppliers are General Electric Company, Dell, IBM, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, Burroughs, Invensys Control, C-Com, Hughes, AlKAN, EutilSat, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and Paradyne. ATI has great relationships with these vendors and in most cases; ATI is a “top-level” customer.  Therefore, our orders are treated with extra expediency.   Due to our status as being a CLEC, and since we have interconnectivity agreements with Sprint, MCI, AT&T, BT, Bellsouth, Verizon, we have greater in depth of the telecommunication industry.  These relationships should enable us to provide quality service and give us a larger pool of expertise we can relay on for support.