Applied Technology, Inc. (ATI) incorporated in North Carolina and in Canada and has offices in North America, Africa, and Middle East.  ATI has been involved in a number of projects for both government and private companies.  ATI has a team of experienced professionals with over 250 years of combined experience in information, telecommunication, and satellite technologies. ATI expertise is in IT infrastructures and applications in government, energy, education, economic development, and health care and aviation environments.  ATI’s team is internationally recognized in network engineering, satellite communications, computer communication, and training.  In addition, our team has respected expertise on integrated (information and physical) security.

ATI has been in the business of providing IT infrastructure, communication technology (satellite, wireless, leased lines and fiber optic) and support for over fifteen years.

With our unique combined approach of creativity and technical expertise, ATI provides custom communications solutions designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of individuals, communities, businesses and organizations around the world. ATI takes pride in its role of implementing broadband access network to provide high-speed information, video conferencing, and distance learning services to government and business clients and communities.  Today's communication technologies offer endless opportunities. The Internet, broadband and wireless systems, next-generation telephony, online education, Web hosting, e-commerce - these are just a few of the changes that are revolutionizing our day-to-day lives. And while dozens of companies provide high-level technology, very few offer exceptional creative thinking when it comes to communications solutions.  ATI is one of those exceptional companies.