Products And Services

ATI Areas of Interest:

ATI has track records for 15 years and provides the following services

  • Infrastructure design and implementation (building units’ infrastructure, IT infrastructure, specialized in speedy mobilization techniques) for aviation, and real-estate environments
  • Supply and installation of Equipment and procurement (for organizations in the fields of Aviation, Transportation, Oil & gas, utilities, education, and healthcare, school/office supplies, IT equipment, Laboratory fittings, Etc.)
  • Real Estate development, housing, schools, hospitals, Mobile and temporary units
  • Office buildings, Sports infrastructure such as Stadium, outdoor and indoor sports facilities
  • Successful trading in key and strategic commodities including Oil and Gas
  • Information Technology and Information Safety; Design, Supply, and Installation
  • Trenching, digging, and backhauling
  • Cable installations (fiber Optic, Electrical wire, and other cabling)
  • Data networks (fiber optic, wired, wireless, PLC, Microwave, etc.
  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure: Cabling, servers, router, firewalls, Internet, etc.
  • Integrated IT Security: Physical security (Biometrics’: facial recognition, finger print, Iris, etc.), Data security (IDS/IPS, firewall, disaster recovery, etc.)
  • Training: IT training (Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Linux, etc.), administration, management and Security training
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Software Development


ATI has exported equipment and supplies for oil companies in the Middle East and the export business represents about 17% of the overall of ATI revenue. ATI provides since 2006 monitoring and security equipment to companies in the Middle East particularly in the Oil and education sectors particularly in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Libya


The ATI team has vast experience in engineering design, telecommunication, strategic planning and assessment of information systems, design and development of information networks throughout the complete internetworking life cycle.  

The team has been involved in several similar projects. The following projects that are directly related to this proposed work and are “examples” only: 

-   United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)


ATI provided mobile housing units in 30d days to UNCHR. In addition, ATI designed implemented and maintained VSAT connectivity between various global locations in 2002. The locations included: Kabul, Afghanistan and Geneva, Switzerland, and Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. The installation included VSAT equipments, hardware & software, Internet, Voice/IP telephony, and other applications                            

-    Transport Canada Aviation

ATI designed and implemented security infrastructure in the airports of: Ottawa, Toronto City Center, and Sydney Nova Scotia. ATI also designed the Remote Status Units (RSU) and the remote and Control Status Units (RCSU) for the control towers at the airports controlling and monitoring the microwave landing systems for aircrafts. In addition ATI designed, and implemented the Remote Maintenance and Monitoring Systems for the ground equipment of the MLS and Instrument Landing System(ILS) as well as for the surveillance radars at various airports in Canada


-      US Marine and Naval Base Network

VSAT network was designed and implemented and subsequently monitored. The LAN/WAN infrastructure for Marine bases was also designed, Implemented and subsequently supported on an on-going basis. Training was also provided. Equipment included: Fiber cable, leased line connectivity, Switches and routers, PCs, DSL switches and CPE equipment. Internet services and Telephony were also provided in cooperation with AT&T. The number of users of this network is large. The number of locations exceeds12 sites 


-       United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Utilities Network:

In this work, ATI constructed 300 mobile building units and 400 miles of single mode fiber optic cable. ATI then built for USDA a secure broadband infrastructure to enable 22 counties in Eastern North Carolina exchanging and sharing data, voice and video employing satellite, leased lines, and other wireless solutions. Services provided were: LAN and WAN design, implementation and equipment procurements. The number of users of this network exceeds 30,000 users


-         Duke Energy/Duke Net,

Charlotte, North Carolina: Duke required and ATI designed and delivered the expansion of Duke’s data and control system network to include 280 miles of fiber optic cable, control systems for the nuclear stations and sub-stations and provided monitoring services. ATI constructed the fiber routes from Wilmington, NC to Greenville, NC passing through nine counties. ATI provided the fiber switches, control system and monitoring the network. This work included the design, configuration and support for SCADA systems, switches, routers, and security devices.


-         Progress Energy/Progress Telecom Network in North Carolina:

ATI designed and built the control systems and built over 170 miles of fiber optic network connecting Progress distribution substations, designed and built Progress Data center in Raleigh, NC. This work also included the design, and implementation of the network. Equipment provided included: switches, and routers.


-    Mount Olive University , Mount Olive, North Carolina

ATI designed and implemented Extranet Infrastructure for Mount Olive University five locations in: Research Triangle Park, Mount Olive, Goldsboro, New Bern, and Wilmington, NC. Each campus has FLIC LAN infrastructure: category 5e wiring in each classroom, and the closet backbone is fiber optic. Each closet was fitted with Cisco switches and the MDF was equipped with a Cisco router. All the five locations access the Internet from the main site and all services are centralized. ATI provide turnkey solution in this project. The design, equipment and implementation are included. Equipment included servers, routers, workstations and printers.


-    Onslow Board of Education, School District:

This school district embodies 46 schools (K-12) and extends over 3000 square miles. ATI has designed LAN for each school (wiring, servers, routers, etc), and connected all the schools with each other via a WAN network. The LAN/WAN infrastructure is designed, and implemented by ATI. ATI is now the ISP for this school district and many other districts in NC. The data center provides e-mail and other application services to students, teachers, and administration. ATI also provide all the necessary hardware including the workstations to this school district.


-          General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL):

Design, Equipment Supply and implementation of national Data network and data centers in Tripoli, Benghazi, Sabha and Khoms


-         The African Medical center for Infection Diseases:


ATI designed a LAN/WAN system complete with data, voice, and video. Satellite internet is installed. VSAT technology was employed to link the Center with other 6 African centers.


-          VEBA/ HAROUGE OIL Operation, Libyan Branch:


Supply of mobile building units complete with air conditioning for HOO oil fields in Libya. Design, Supply and implementation of data and security monitoring infrastructure in Ras Lanuf, Amal, Tipisti, En-Naga, Ghani and Jofra Oil fileds. This work involved trenching, backhauling, UTP and FX cable installations, equipment installations. The equipment included: Cisco, and HP equipment, monitoring equipment such cameras and perimeter security systems.